Placeholder - Tambourines Naples

These are the tambourines placeholders that were present on the tables at my wedding.
On the drums I've hand painted some of the places to which I and my husband are very much related:
The Palazzo donn'anna - Window of Marechiaro - The beach Calanca Marina di Camerota - Vesuvius and gulf of Naples
Under Costruction
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Idee dipinte di Daniela Palma
Gift ideas custom
The customization of the objects leaves room for the possibility of endless gift ideas.

These below are some of my ideas painted: bags, piggy banks, calendars, objects, christmas.. but on request I can paint your design idea and customize what you prefer.

Think of a gift idea for staff to be surely an added value to your gesture.
Bags painted custom
Piggy banks customized paintings
Other examples of gift ideas custom
idee regalo natalizie artigianali
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