Placeholder - Tambourines Naples

These are the tambourines placeholders that were present on the tables at my wedding.
On the drums I've hand painted some of the places to which I and my husband are very much related:
The Palazzo donn'anna - Window of Marechiaro - The beach Calanca Marina di Camerota - Vesuvius and gulf of Naples
Under Costruction
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Ideas painted by Daniela Palma
Ribbons and rosettes birth craft
The flakes are born in the lino of high quality, completely handmade, machine-stitched and hand-painted.

These below are some of my ideas are painted, but on request I can paint your design idea and customize it as you prefer.

Stork coming in for the family ? To announce the arrival of your little big love choose a handmade item, choose a product made with love.
Bow birth blue
The jib can be also produced in the female version and customized as you prefer.
Bow birth double tape
The idea of the double belt can be used to make a female version or multiple.
Bow birth with roses
On this bow the theme of roses, in the center, and painted everywhere.
Flakes combined with other objects
Coordinated full custom.
Cockade birth d'azur
The cockade can be also produced in the female version and customized as you prefer.
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